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"Don’t worry about what you’re wearing, as long as what you’re wearing is black."

Skip Skip Skip is a full-length spoken word show about music, discovering your identity, and the lengths we all go to fit in. It's a vulnerable, honest and thought-provoking performance, exploring isolation, personal transformations and the ways in which we define ourselves. There's also plenty of black lipstick and bad dancing too!

The story of the show:

I started writing and performing poetry back in 2010, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to find an incredible supportive community of writers and artists across the UK. I didn’t always feel like I belonged and, when I was younger, music was a real refuge for me. skip Skip Skip is my first full-length spoken word show, and it developed from conversations with friends and colleagues about how music shapes our friendships, personalities and lives, especially during our teenage years.

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This show is a celebration of questionable teenage decisions, a love letter to the awkwardness of adolescence, and a note to anyone struggling with anything outside of their control: things can get better. I started writing Skip Skip Skip in August 2018, working with wonderful performers including Mark Grist, Roger Robinson, John Berkavitch and Dan Webber. The research and development of the show was funded by a small grant from the Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice Fund, and the production was supported via crowdfunding. 


I'm currently working on funding bids to develop the show for a theatre audience, working with Tilly BransonNikki Disney and Matthew Cooper, so keep an eye out for further info and dates to come in 2019/20! And if you'd like me to perform in your neck of the woods, drop me an email, and we'll see what we can do! 

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