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The Paper Crane Poets Collective is a local writers’ collective, based at Beeston Library in Nottingham.


Paper Cranes is a space for poetry writers of all stripes and abilities to meet, create and connect. We support local writers to develop their poetry skills and improve their confidence.


The collective is facilitated by Leanne Moden, and the group meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at Beeston Library.


We run fun and friendly workshops, creating a supportive writing environment. We experiment with writing, drafting and editing poetry, as well as dabbling in performances too!


If you live, work or study in Nottingham, and you're interested in joining the collective, please email for further details!

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In 2022, the folks at Inspire Culture, Learning and Libraries asked us to write a commissioned poem for their annual general meeting.


We spent two months working together on the poem, which includes contributions from nineteen poets from the collective.


The poem – Beyond the Library Door – was inspired by our individual experiences in local libraries, and all the brilliant projects that Inspire provides to our communities too.


It was a joy to work on this project, and we’re really proud of the finished piece!

In May 2023, we worked with the National Justice Museum, responding creatively to an art exhibition by the group C2C Social Action.


C2C worked with local visual artists and women in vulnerable situations (including those with experience of the criminal justice system, survivors of domestic violence, or folks with addiction issues) to produce artworks inspired by nature. The project lab exhibition space at NJM showcased the artworks created, as well as a tea apothecary, celebrating local wild flora and its positive impact on human well-being. 


As part of the Paper Cranes writing workshop, we all wrote poems about the restorative power of tea. Each poet then wrote their favourite line from their poems on to a neon sticky note, and I arranged the lines into a collaborative poem. The final piece was published by the museum as part of Green Hustle 2023 programme. 

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